Mango NEIPA, by Brandon Edwards
3 years ago
21B - Specialty IPA
Recipe notes:
This is a pretty simple and straight forward NEIPA with a mango pulp/puree addition. The "sugar content of mango pulp" is a guesstimate based off the OG after combining everything. You definitely don't need the bittering addition, but I wasn't against it. From brewing this a couple of times now. I found the mango addition turned out best being added at whirlpool rather than to the fermenter, which I was surprised by. The Mango pulp seemed to combine better with the wort this way. I used this specific product for the mango: If you prefer liquid yeast, you can't go wrong with using Wyeast London III, Omega British V, or Imperial Juice.
Brew style:
All Grain
Recipe download: